Get the Grant,
Change the World.

The Top 10 Mistakes People Make
when Applying for Grants
(& How to Get Yours Funded)

Marcia Whitney and Kirsten Stevens have helped both win
and award MILLIONS of grant dollars for nonprofits.

This book explains how they've gotten so many grants funded,
and how you can, too.

You’ll Learn:

  • The most common reasons why grant applications get denied.
  • How you can make your grant stand apart from the rest.
  • How to avoid wasting your time writing grants that have little or no chance of getting funded.
  • 10 proven ways  to make your grant more likely to get funded.
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  • "I highly recommend Get the Grant, Change the World to both novices and experienced grant writers. Having been both a seeker and awarder of funding for nonprofits, I feel [the book] is a concise, well-organized presentation of the dos and don'ts of successful grant writing..."

    Phyllis Marsilius

    Amazon Verified Reviewer
  • "This represents a great body of work and valuable resource for anyone writing for any audience. It reinforces the notion that stories play a crucial role in writing winning grant proposals."

    Percival L. Longworth

    Amazon Verified Reviewer
  • "This book is filled with easy to understand do's & don't advice about the best practices for being a successful non profit and a grant writer. I read it from cover to cover in 1 sitting because I couldn't put it down. I highly recommend this book to anyone that writes grants..."

    Jessica Wiland

    Amazon Verified Reviewer
  • "This short book is an excellent way to get started writing grants, and it is also useful for experienced grant writers as a checklist to make sure all the bases are covered... Keep this book handy and look at it frequently."

    Alex Comfort, CFRE

    Amazon Verified Reviewer
  • "It is amazing to see just how much experience and helpful wisdom the authors have been able to fit into this guide. And beyond helping to get the initial funding, it helps to highlight the specific ways to build the relationships with donors that will bring long-term benefits to all involved!
    Excellent- five stars!"

    David Krause

    Amazon Verified Reviewer

Marcia Whitney

Kirsten Stevens

About the Authors

Marcia Whitney and Kirsten Stevens are
co-owners of GRANTdivas, LLC, and have helped both win and award millions of grant dollars to support great causes around the globe.

Marcia started her career in the nonprofit world over 20 years ago. The first grant she ever helped write raised $160,000 for The Jane Goodall Institute. Having helped fund millions of dollars worth of grants, she knows the key differences between grants that win & those that don't get funded.

Kirsten provides strategic guidance and planning for both start-ups and mature nonprofits. Building strong, efficient, and excellence-driven organizations that stand the test of time, she helps nonprofits bring their vision to reality so that they can create real change in the world.