Did you know that the #1 reason most grant applications get denied is because of insufficient grant research? We can’t count the number of times people have approached us – bewildered about why their program or nonprofit was turned down for funding – and the answer is almost always: lack of effective research.
  • We’ll do in-depth research on each funder and summarize the grant proposal requirements.

  • We’ll find the most current and accurate list of funders that match the needs of your project or organization.

  • We’ll provide you with a comprehensive list of funders that could be a great fit for your nonprofit.

  • We’ll give you all of the key information laid out in a clear plan, including deadlines, amounts, contact information, and prior grantees.

With our Grant Research Package, not only will you save time and avoid missed opportunities, but you’ll also be much better positioned to receive more (and bigger) grants to fund your organization – and ensure that you’re equipped to meet the growing needs of your beneficiaries.

Save Yourself from Applying to the Wrong Foundations…

If you don’t know how to research effectively, you could easily waste weeks – or even months – of your time applying for grants that have no chance of getting funded. You could also lose out on funding by:

    • Missing relevant grants that you’re unaware of
    • Missing deadlines for potential grants
    • Asking for the wrong amount
  • Targeting the wrong funder

Our Grant Research Package takes the pressure off of you and your board to figure out where you should be directing your time and energy when applying for funds. Handing this step over to us can save your organization dozens of paid hours (or more) and give you the confidence to know that you’re targeting the best possible funders.


Once you’ve identified the best possible funders, your next job is to knock their socks off. Even though there are billions of dollars of funding out there, there are also hundreds of thousands of nonprofits competing for every penny. That’s why it’s critical that every aspect of your grant proposal set you apart...
and helping your organization stand out is our specialty.
Having both received and allocated millions of grant dollars, we know exactly what funders are looking for. We can help you nail every aspect of your application from your letter of inquiry - all the way through to your completed proposal.

Grant Writing

Whether you’re a newbie who is feeling overwhelmed by the grant writing process, or a seasoned pro who needs a trustworthy partner you can rely on to take grant writing off your plate, you can trust us to help you – every step of the way – to create the kind of proposal that makes it to the top of the funder’s stack. We take the stress out of the grant writing process and get you better results. 

Save Yourself from Wasting Time and Resources…

Whether you’re up against a deadline, have experienced failure in writing grants in the past, or just want to stop spreading yourself so thin and want to take grant writing off your plate, we can help free up your time to dedicate yourself to other priorities.

You may be baffled by some of the information the foundation is requesting or feel that your proposal is simply not up to a standard of excellence that the foundation demands. Or worse, you may have prepared a proposal that you feel far exceeded the expectations of a foundation, but were declined for funding and are now canceling the start or expansion of a program. Not only is this discouraging in the short term, but it can eventually lead to a cycle of funding disappointments, diminishing your and your board’s confidence in yourself, your team, and your organization.

When you hire GRANTdivas, you avoid costly mistakes such as:

    • Unprofessional or inferior grant quality
    • Typos or grammatical errors
    • Missing a deadline
    • Not conveying a compelling message and need

When we write your proposal or letter of inquiry, we carefully craft a compelling story that will inspire the foundation to support your nonprofit and its work. We are meticulous in our analysis of funder priorities and requirements and identify the most important aspects of your program or organization that will make your proposal stand out.

By helping you work through the process step by step, we equip you to prepare outstanding proposals for your organization, ensuring its longevity and financial foundation well into the future.

When your grants are expertly prepared and all guidelines are followed, you have a significantly higher chance of being funded. Along with the benefits of raising more money to serve your mission, you establish a potentially lasting relationship with the funder and set a precedent for the professional quality of work done by your organization.

Working with us, you can be sure that:

  • You’ll have an expertly prepared grant (with no errors).

  • Every aspect of your grant will be reviewed by a panel of experts.

  • Your grant will be completed well in advance of the deadline, reducing your stress and allowing you to submit your grant in plenty of time (which your potential funder will appreciate, too!).


We know that everyone struggles with the grant writing process in some way or another. You may have never written a grant proposal before and have no idea where to start. You may have a good grasp of the process but get stuck when putting together your budget or evaluation section. Or maybe your board feels that your presentation of the need you are serving is not as clear as it could be. Our goal is to help you through these situations so that you can be confident that you are presenting your organization in the most favorable light and have the best chance of being awarded the grant. We can help you…

    • Ensure that you’ve properly cultivated foundation representatives to increase the likelihood of receiving a grant.
    • Enable you to submit grant applications that are of the highest quality, allowing foundation decision-makers to see you as a worthy, reliable, and trustworthy grantee.
    • Share the “inside scoop” on what foundations are looking for in a prospective grantee.
    • Answer all of your questions and concerns regarding the grant writing process.

Call us today for a Power Coaching Call with the Divas!

Get one-on-one expertise directly from the GRANTdivas to help you overcome anything you may be struggling with. We can help you solve challenges like:

  • How to get started on researching and writing grants.

  • How to conduct an internal assessment of your readiness to approach funders.

  • How to position your organization so that you appear viable to funders.

  • Strategies for convincing your board to invest in grant research and writing.

  • Pros and cons of hiring a full-time grant writer vs. a consultant.

  • Determine why your grant proposals keep getting rejected.

  • How to involve other staff and board members in helping with grant research and writing.

  • How to make an effective “first call” to a funder – to make sure your relationship gets off to a great start (we can even make initial calls to prospective funders on your behalf to determine their level of interest in your organization and program idea).

One phone call with the Divas can help you avoid countless costly mistakes – and increase your chances of getting more and better funding.


We can review and edit proposals you’ve already written so that all mistakes are corrected and your final proposal is outstanding. After we complete your review and edit, you can be confident that:

  • You are presenting your nonprofit in the best possible light for a favorable review.

  • You will not have typos or other errors, and your proposal will be complete.

  • The mission and purpose of your organization has been effectively and accurately reflected.

  • You will have the best chances for being approved for a grant and have the financial resources that you need to keep your organization strong.

  • You can finally relax and know that your nonprofit is not going to fail, and you can keep helping the people you serve.


Because every project is different, we evaluate the cost of each project based on its scope and needs.

Feel free to CONTACT US if you have any questions about working with us.

Do you have other needs we haven’t covered here? No problem. We can tailor our services to give you the exactly what you need – without having to pay for extra services that you don’t. Among these customized services, we also offer trainings and Q&A calls with nonprofit boards, staff, & committees. 

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